Set up as a company in 2013, Bowlsline aims to provide bowls measures which are reliable and accurate for both professional and amateur bowlers. Having studied the problems involved we developed and patented a system of measuring, GB 2507355 and AU 2013251179, simple to use and giving significant advantages over the normal measure. The measures can be used for all bowls games irrespective of the size and shape of the jack and bowl.

There are 2 types of measure based on the same design, a string and a laser.

The Bowlsline measures overcome any problem of keeping the measuring line perfectly straight and enables the correction positions on the bowl and jack to be easily and accurately determined.

Measurements can be made quickly by one person and with the laser there is no practical limit on the maximum distance. The last 10 readings of distance measured are stored in memory. The minimum measurable distance between bowl and jack is an indicated 165 mm and distances below this are compared in the normal way using inside calipers.

The laser is supplied by Leica Geosystems, responsible for setting the standards in this field. Leica lasers have a lifetime warranty and are guaranteed to meet the Standard ISO 1633-1. Dust and water resistant to IP54, each laser has an individual calibration certificate of compliance and accuracy.

As the laser unit is easily detached from the support it also becomes a versatile measuring tool to carry out independent accurate measurements and calculations.

The Bowlsline laser measure is supplied with instructions for use in a protective plastic carrying case with custom foam inserts.

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